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Privacy Policy

Collection of personal information

In order to facilitate use of its services, Hanshinkiki (“the Company”) collects information that can be used to identify individual users, including the names of their companies and departments, the names of their companies’ managers, postal codes, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and financial institution account information. This information is used as personal information for conducting transactions with users so that the Company can provide its services.

Use of personal information

The Company uses personal information for the following purposes:

  • To deliver promotional information about its products (in the form of catalogs, direct mailings, etc.)
  • To ship products that have been ordered and to contact customers concerning after-sale service
  • To provide services to users via phone, fax, and email
  • To solicit the views and impressions of users

Any collection and use of users’ personal information for purposes not listed here shall be limited to the minimum necessary scope, described in clear terms to users, and contingent upon their prior approval.

Outsourcing of personal information

The Company may outsource operations involving personal information to shippers, distributors, or financial institutions in order to facilitate the delivery of promotional items or products or to conduct activities such as the invoicing of users for products or services provided. The Company strictly prohibits outside contractors from using, disclosing, purchasing, or selling personal information for purposes other than those authorized by the Company.

Disclosure of personal information

The Company will not disclose, sell, or otherwise transfer personal information to third parties without the consent of users, unless such disclosure is compelled by law.

Management of personal information

The Company has appointed a limited number of full-time, in-house managers and outside security contractors in order to manage personal information in a strict and safety-conscious manner so as to protect it from illegitimate use, loss, destruction, alteration, and unauthorized disclosure.

Modification and correction of personal information

Modification and correction of personal information in the Company’s possession shall be implemented in a timely manner and reported to the users in question. When a user requests that his or her personal information be changed or corrected, the Company shall endeavor to accommodate the request when possible, subject to consideration by a responsible staff member.


The Company is not liable in the event that users commit fraud or register or use the personal information of a third party. Additionally, the Company is not liable in the event that users’ personal information is provided to a third party illegitimately.

Inquiries concerning personal information

All inquiries concerning personal information, including requests for notification of the purposes for which personal information is used, requests to have personal information disclosed, corrected, or its use halted, and complaints about the handling of personal information, should be directed to the following contact:

Hanshinkiki, Co., Ltd
745 Ikawadanicho Junna, Nishi-ku, Kobe 651-2124
Phone: +81-78-974-0037

Handling of personal information on the Company’s website

(1)Capture of browsing history data
The Company’s website uses access log and cookie technology in order to improve the user experience and store information about how users browse pages on the site. Use of information collected in this manner is limited to statistical tabulation and analysis in order to improve the user experience, to assess utilization of the website, and to plan and improve associated services. While certain information about users’ computers, including IP addresses and operating environment data, is stored in access logs maintained on the Company’s servers, this information cannot be used to identify individual users.

(Users can configure their browser to reject cookies or warn them when cookies are stored on their computer. The Company’s website can still be used even if cookies are disabled.)

The Company cannot guarantee the safety of users’ personal information on other websites that are accessible via links on its own website. Questions about how personal information is handled by other websites should be directed to the operators of those websites.